Direct Partnership Opportunity

Mortgage broker ownership for real estate brokers is an option!

Is it time for your real estate company to reconsider your strategic mortgage lending partnerships?  Contact us at Mortgage Capital Solutions, Inc. to learn more about our strategic partnership program.  Let’s discuss how we can develop a customized program around your firm in ways that are fully compliant with the CFPB’s new rules.

Also is your current lender relationship and agreements RESPA and CFPB compliant?

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Why use a real estate agent?

Why do realtors establish strategic partnerships?

Realtor Services

We at MCS understand how competitive home buying and selling can be for Realtors, which is why Mortgage Capital Solutions developed a comprehensive Realtor Services Program with your needs in mind.

Mortgage Capital Solutions proudly brings Realtors…

Partnership in Marketing

Stretch your marketing dollar with a strategic partnership with MCS. We understand that small to mid-size realty businesses need smart exposure on a modest budget. Your dedicated Realtor Marketing Specialist will work with you to expand your footprint while reinforcing your brand identity.

Enjoy a partnership where our expertise in brand identity and co-marketing, press releases, social media, and cross-category networking opportunities will enhance your business.

Client-centric Representation

We recognize that the home-buying experience is uniquely personal to your clients and that every component of a home’s sale reflects on your reputation. While as a Realtor you develop ongoing relationships in the industry. We take your referrals to heart and treat your clients with the individualized care, attention and dedication you bring to them.

Community re-investment program

As a community Realtor, you see the value in becoming invested in the people for whom you represent. With MCS’s Community re-investment program, we will make a sizable contribution to the charity of your homebuyer’s choice. This program provides you and your broker an opportunity to participate in community outreach program without the strain it may otherwise put on operational, philanthropic, or marketing expenses.

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