Direct partnership Program/ Mortgage Company ownership possibilities

Are you a builder or remodeler that closes 25-100 deals per year?

Have you ever thought of diversification?

Would you like to have more control over your Clients Construction Loans and Mortgages, if so, please fill out our partnership form or call us at 800-887-5708

Builders and Remodelers Enhance your Resources

Mortgage Capital Solutions offers:

  • Constructions Loans, two step, one time close
  • Fannie Mae Homestyle Renovation Loans
  • FHA 203k Renovation Loan
  • USDA Rural Development

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  • Increase exposure and traffic to your homes through co-branded media campaigns and marketing tailored with your unique signature.
  • Realize the benefits of public relations assistance from a team that specializes in planning and hosting model homes or open houses.
  • Position your products/Homes as you planned them to be through expanded resources that may not otherwise be available to small to mid-size builders.
  • Benefit from professional guidance and enhanced tools that skyrocket your media and public relations efforts and grow your business.

Attract Buyers

Draw buyers with these convenient benefits:

  • Down payment assistance programs
  • Competitive Jumbo products
  • Extended rate locks
  • Local processing, underwriting, and closing
  • Extremely competitive rates

Mortgage Capital Solutions D.B.A Construction Capital Solutions proudly brings Builders and Remodelers

Partnership in Marketing

We understand that small to mid-size realty businesses need smart exposure on a modest budget. Your dedicated Builder Marketing Specialist will work with you to expand your footprint while reinforcing your brand identity.

Enjoy a partnership where our expertise in brand identity and co-marketing, press releases, social media, and cross-category networking opportunities will enhance your business.

Client-centric Representation

While as a Builder you develop ongoing relationships in the industry, your client is probably unfamiliar with the full extent of the home loan process. We take your referrals to heart and treat your clients with the individualized care.

Community Re-investment program

As a community builder, you see the value in becoming invested in the people for whom you build. With Mortgage Capital Solutions Community re-investment program, we will make a sizable contribution to the charity of yours and your home buyer’s choice. This win-win provides small to mid-size builders an opportunity to participate in community outreach without the strain it may otherwise put on their operational, philanthropic, or marketing expenses.

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